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Companies that trusted in my work.

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Foody Web & App

This company focuses on providing healthy food options for people who want to achieve a balanced diet while still enjoying affordable and diverse meals.

Accelerator Landing Page

Adventure In CRE, is an education company focused in real estate. This landing page is to promote their most important training course called Accelerator.

Excuela App

It is a B2B learning mobile app focused on interactive learning without punishing mistakes. Their goal is to help companies to improve the skills of their employees.

Yalo Cobro

Yalo Cobro is a robust tool designed to assist companies of all sizes in managing their business efficiently. Yalo provides tools such as point-of-sale, inventory management, table organization, loyalty programs, kitchen display systems, and many other features. Their aim is to revolutionize how businesses operate by offering their SaaS as a solution to prevent the loss of information. This enables people to make better decisions in their business.

App POSFacil

This is a sub-product of PagueloFacil, designed to empower retailers with an intuitive point-of-sale (POS) system. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone to sell items seamlessly, even without prior training.

Cheros App

Cheros is an app that lets contractors, subcontractors, and workers keep track of their expenses, working hours, manage contracts, and store personal documentation. It's specifically tailored for the construction industry, where paperwork tends to be overwhelming. Cheros steps in to tackle these challenges, making things easier by solving and automating many manual processes.

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App Design

I can design B2B and B2C apps that are smooth, intuitive, and make life simpler. No getting lost in menus, just quick wins and real value for your users.

SaaS Design

I architect intuitive, engaging experiences that drive seamless onboarding, minimize churn, and propel your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) to new heights.

Web Design

I craft conversion-focused websites and landing pages that look great, tell your brand story, and drive growth. Whether you need a full-blown marketing site or a targeted landing page, we'll build it, keeping your brand and audience in mind.

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About me

I’m Luis Fernandez a Product Designer with a medical background, I seamlessly merge creativity and empathy in crafting compelling digital experiences. My unique perspective ensures designs not only captivate visually but also resonate deeply, enhancing user engagement.

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• Product Designer at CIT

Freelance | 2023

• Product Designer at A.CRE

Freelance | 2023

• Product Designer at Foody

Full-time | 2022

• UX / UI Designer at TodosComemos

Full-time | 2022

• UX / UI Designer | Atik Soluciones

Freelance | 2021

Companies that trusted in my work.



• User interview.
• Surveys.
• Competitive analysis.


• UX Design.
• Visual Designer.
• Wireframes.
• Prototypes.
• Journey mapping.
• Personas.
• Graphic Designer.


• Figma.
• Adobe Photoshop.
• Maze.


• No-Code (FlutterFlow)
• Sass
• JavaScript (Basic)
• VueJS (Layout construction)
• Marketing Strategy.
• SEO.

What are people saying?

Santiago Espinosa

CEO at todoscomemos

I was privileged to work with Luis on the structuring of the first prototypes of TodosComemos. His agility and creativity in generating intuitive and scalable designs and prototypes in terms of the design system allowed us to move quickly and test business hypotheses with certainty in terms of UI and UX. I would love to work with him again in the future.

Esteban Quiroz Hernandez

CTO at Croper

Luis incorporates many personal qualities into his work. He is clear, concise, competent, attentive, and passionate. All of this leads to a quality and timely result. Highly recommended.

Fazley Rabbi

Full Stack Web & Mobile Apps Developer

Luis Elias is an excellent UI/UX designer. He designs, web and mobile UI in detailed ways. Working with detailed UI and mockups is a must for a project. It helps a developer to understand the flow and processes. As a developer, I always recommend Luis.

Amado Rodriguez

CEO/Co - Founder Yalo Cobro

I highly recommend Luis Elías for any UX/UI design role. Luis's analytical skills, combined with his creativity, make him an outstanding designer. He consistently exceeds expectations, delivering designs that are not only visually appealing but also exceptionally functional. Luis's ability to blend innovation with user-friendly interfaces sets him apart. He excels in turning complex data into intuitive designs. His creativity isn't just about aesthetics; it's about crafting engaging and impactful user experiences. Moreover, Luis is a great team player. His collaborative approach and positive attitude make him a valuable asset in any team dynamic. His professionalism and dedication to excellence are evident in every project he undertakes. Lastly, Luis Elías would be an excellent addition to any organization, bringing a unique blend of analytical prowess, creative thinking, and team spirit.

Jhonattan Rivera

CEO at Atik soluciones

Luis is a very creative, self-taught, and disciplined professional. He is very skilled in UI/UX techniques, understanding the needs of the business and the user, and applying them to fine and impeccable designs. He has achieved a holistic vision. It is clear how these qualities add great value to his work, which is reflected in his final result, and in the smiles of clients when he presents and defends the proposal. Working with Luis is a stroke of luck because you know that you will always reach your destination with him. Knowing that you have a member like him is super valuable. I hope that life will continue to allow us to work together.

Rodolfo Rivera

UX/UI Designer

Luis is a great professional, attentive and proactive, always willing to improve and learn.

Prakash Wallis

Product manager at pharmapiel

Luis was highly skilled in user research and design. They were able to quickly understand the needs of our users and create solutions that were both user-friendly and effective. They were also a great collaborator, and they worked effectively with other team members to ensure that the project met all of our requirements.

Victor González

Product manager at Atik soluciones

Luis Fernández is more than a designer, he is basically an idea materializer. With little information, he quickly recognizes the business flow, understands and proposes improvements, and incorporates them into the design and user experience in an impeccable way. Highly recommended for those who are conceiving projects in startups or at an early stage, as well as for businesses with a mature core of business that are interested in improving their processes and incorporating them into conceptual design for subsequent programming. Highly recommended!

Jose Luis Gamboa

CEO at Excuela

Luis is a smart person with excellent ideas in the field of design, specifically in UX/UI. He works very well in teams and under pressure. He is a very valuable asset to any team.

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