Conadis App is a tool to connect people with many types of disabilities with volunteers who want to help others virtually, in person, or by offering donations.


UX Researcher, Visual Designer.


4 weeks.


Lead the User Research, Creation of Wireframes, Low-fi, Hi-fi, and Prototype.

Conadis - Mobile Screen examples

The challenge

Create an app for many types of people’s disabilities and try to cover most of them, at the same time create an interface easy to use for volunteers.

Understanding our end-users

Who are they?

  • People with any type of impairment. (PWI for short.)
  • People who want to help (Volunteers.)

User Research.

Secondary research realized. Gathering data from the database that Conadis already has.

The goal was to interpreter patterns and establish the characteristics of our personas.

  • What type of disabilities is most common.
  • Age range.
  • Profession and occupations.

*Conadis is a government institute for women and people with disabilities.

Woman on a wheelchair with woman laughing


The app for PWI is simple, with important features to improve its use.

  • Vibration touch.
  • Visual impairment consideration.
  • Assistive sounds. 


Scores system, ranking, and badges to encourage people to keep helping.

Donation system

The app allows users to donate things. They're categorized and sorted by location.

Pain Points

People with impairments.

  • Connect quickly with people who want to help.
  • A secure way to request help from strangers.
  • Find places and get instructions to get there and know about accessibility’s conditions.


  • Set a schedule to indicate when they’re available to help.
  • A secure way, to know who, where and what needs the person who’s requesting help.
  • Keep motivated.

Journey map


For People with disabilities, it will be a tool to support them virtually, in person, or receiving donations. This app will allow them to feel better knowing that there’re a lot of people who want to help.

Volunteers can use their free time to help in a secure platform and to compete with their friends earning points each time that they help.

What I learned

Each one interprets the world in their way, so as a UX Designer I need to focus in find solutions that help most people being equitable.