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I'm Luis Fernandez

I'm a UX / UI Designer focus on the growth of companies. Impacting sale through the User Experience.

A little bit about me

Currently, I have been working as a UX / UI Designer for around 3 years. However, my journey comes from an interesting background. I was a medical student with a pretty well "performance." I got the 4th of 6 years in medical school at the University of Zulia. However, the Venezuela crisis affected my university, and it went down with my dream to be a doctor.

Luis in the Medical School

During my career, I learned to interview people to get the information to create their clinical history. This skill will help me later, when I started in UX, especially with User Research.

Luis in a Pediatric examination

So, I needed money to study I learned how to create websites and implement SEO strategies to get traffic and to monetize with ads and referrals.

It was the beginner to discover the web technologies. I knew that I need to improve the experience of my website to keep people on it and increase retention. It meant for me, more revenue.

Still, you can check a couple of them. I built them "Cut, copy and seeing tutorials on youtube" to create beautiful webs using blogger technology. (So, I avoid paying for hosting -I didn't have the budget for that-)

The first one was about the cat' items website. The goal was to get revenue with the Amazon referral program. The second one was about a web page for jobs, mainly basic jobs like a waitress, builders, and "occupations" and get revenue with ads.


It was my introduction to the UI. Along of the way, I worked as Graphic Designer on Fiverr. You can see my profile and see that I got +100 reviews all with 5 stars!

Fiverr profile with reviews

This opened the opportunity to work on a UI project because my customer already knows about my quality.

Since then, I have been learning and improving my skill as UX Designer.

Nowadays, I have been working as a freelancer on many projects. I have created projects for governments, e-commerce, education, and more. Always give my best on each one.

Luis Elias working


Personal Brand

2020 - Currently

In this role, I have been working on my brand and working as a freelance.

Web & App Design. User Research. Product Design. Marketing consult. Mentorship.

Ferfen Agency

2019 - 2020

Working with an agency based in Spain. I worked here as a generalist UX and Graphic Designer.

Web Design, Web developer (WordPress) Social media content creator, social media marketing.


2018 - 2019

I started working as a graphic designer and social media marketing, helping small businesses to grow on internet.

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+58 414 654 2142

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