Accelerator Landing Page


Adventure In CRE


Web Design & Dev


Adventure In CRE, is an education company focused in real estate. This landing page is to promote their most important training course called Accelerator.


  • Visual Designer
  • No-Code Dev.


Designing landing pages with a high conversion rate in the education sector is no simple task. When individuals contemplate purchasing an educational program, it is not an impulsive decision. People carefully weigh their options before committing. Consequently, the challenge is to effectively persuade and address every query about the program, demonstrating how individuals can enhance their skills and benefit from the program.


Embracing user-friendly design and following UX patterns didn't just make the landing page look good – it made them work like a charm! This resulted in more folks eagerly signing up for the Real Estate program, excited to learn from top experts in the field and be part of the ACRE community. It's not just about enrollment; it's about creating a welcoming space for everyone passionate about Real Estate.