Cheros App


Dicons Integral Services, LLC.


App Design


Cheros is an app that lets contractors, subcontractors, and workers keep track of their expenses, working hours, manage contracts, and store personal documentation. It's specifically tailored for the construction industry, where paperwork tends to be overwhelming. Cheros steps in to tackle these challenges, making things easier by solving and automating many manual processes.


  • Visual Designer
  • UX Designer


Craft an app where both end-users (Contractors and workers) feel like allies because transitioning from manual to digital processes isn't a walk in the park. People have their routines, and Cheros aims to shake things up in how working hours, expenses, and check-in/check-out are handled. The challenge was to create something people genuinely desire and willingly integrate into their work lives, knowing it significantly enhances their overall experience.


Cheros is all set for the market; they've already launched and are observing how the app blends into the market, exploring new features, and gathering feedback from users to constantly refine and enhance day-to-day operations. Currently, they're in the midst of the go-to-market phase, concentrating on acquiring and retaining users. This design has played a crucial role in swiftly crafting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), poised for launch and market evaluation.