Excuela App




Product Designer


It is a B2B learning mobile app focused on interactive learning without punishing mistakes. Their goal is to help companies to improve the skills of their employees.


  • Visual Designer
  • UX Designer


Excuela is an e-learning app designed for B2B. The challenge here is to provide a product that aligns with various industry knowledge levels while remaining user-friendly for all users, regardless of their background. It's important to note that being an Excuela student isn't a voluntary choice; it's part of the employee training process. Therefore, the challenge was to create an app that employees perceive more as a tool than a work test, allowing companies to gain insights into the performance of their students.


Today, Excuela has gained recognition in Peru, where they are based. They are actively working to achieve product-market fit and iterate continuously with each course developed. The design has enabled them to prepare a product ready for launch and market testing, leading to increased recognition and growth.