(Review) Is the Google UX Certificate a good idea?

In this opportunity,  I’ll talk about the Google UX Design Professional Certificate on Coursera, a program that caught my attention because it’s Google who’s behind. Coursera is promoting a lot! So, I was wondering, is this worth it? I have been working in UX / UI for a couple of years already, so I decided […]

Why I need a UX Designer in my team?

If you’re a business owner, you’re working on your start-up or think to start your business soon, or maybe you’re studying UX Design, it will be a great idea to spend a couple of minutes reading this article. So, to ensure that we will be talking about the same… What is UX Design? Briefly, we […]

7 tips to improve landing page as a UX Designer

7 Hack to improve your Landing Pages

As UX Designers, we already know that we need to focus on the users and their needs. That’s true, but it’s not enough. As a UX Designer, we need to be aware that our job impacts the business model. A good UX Designer is the bridge between an excellent user experience and a great marketing […]